The e-mail marketing secrets. How to make a mailing campaign that will convince customers to buy.

The e-mail marketing secrets. How to make a mailing campaign that will convince customers to buy.

E-mail is one of the oldest e-marketing tools. Its end has been foretold many times. However, email campaigns can still generate huge results. There are several factors that must be taken into account in order to achieve the expected score. Effective e-mail marketing that supports a sales campaign is the effect of many activities.You must complete these steps before sending your first e-mail. This is very important if you want your email campaign to generate good profits.

Why you should invest in e-mail marketing?

Own database with customer e-mail addresses is very important nowadays. It ensure the company independence from media beyond its control. As various events show, a social media account can be hacked or deleted. The company loses access to its followers with the deletion of the account. This loss can be very costly for companies.

The situation is different in the case of your own e-mail database. Nobody is able to remove the company of access to the customers stored in it. There is only one problem.Customers are not as eager as they used to be to leave their data. Someone must trust your company to give you e-mail address. It is a sign that he is really interested in your company’s services or products. An interested customer is the first element of a successful mailing campaign. How to make the sales newsletter support sales campaign? Learn the most important secrets of effective email marketing. The emails you send will result in a conversion instead of pressing the unsubscribe button. You don’t want customers to cancel their subscription, do you?

4 secrets to a successful mailing campaign

Would you like to make a profit from every advertising campaign made by your company? Use our email campaign advice. Support sales or use e-mail marketing as an independent sales channel.

1. The foundation of e-mail marketing is a good customer e-mail base.

We have already mentioned the e-mail database before. Now we will focus on what “good base” means. First of all, it is a base that the company creates on its own. Secondly, the appropriate categorization of customers is made immediately during collecting e-mail addresses. This is especially important when your company’s offer is large. For example, you run a drugstore chain and sell cosmetic products for mature women, teenagers, pregnant women and young mothers. One of them subscribes to your list. The information about which group this person belongs to is extremely important. Now you will send e-mails only to people who may be interested in a specific product. This increases the effectiveness of the message, and you will achieve bigger conversion.

How to do segmentation of the e-mail database?

There are many ways to get the right information about your subscribers. When you place the subscription form for the newsletter on the company’s website, you can offer the customer a corresponding bonus for subscribing and leaving his data. For example,, the diaper discount code will encourage young parents to sign up. Teenagers will be happy to download the guide on how to care for skin with adolescent acne. You can also place a subscription form on a subpage discussing topics important to one of these group.

Another idea is to offer a newsletter when a customer makes a purchase on your site. In this way, you will create a database of customers who have already bought your products. There is a chance that they will buy again in the future.

Does the e-mail database have to be large to generate high profits?

Internet “experts” report that the sales conversion from mailing lists is 1-3%. Your company would need a huge number of subscribers to generate a satisfactory income. You can achieve good results even if you have a smaller e-mail database. The key factor that determines the effectiveness of email marketing is not the size of the list, but its quality. If you took care to collect addresses from people really interested in your company’s activities and you thought about grouping them, even a small database of e-mails will be a great support for your business. A good database also allows you to achieve a higher conversion rate.

2. Your email marketing strategy must fit to the needs of your customers

When you are developing an email marketing strategy the first step is to build and segment your email database. Each of the groups you create has different interests and needs. You want the mailing campaign to support your sales. You need to adapt messages sent in e-mails to individual recipients. Mismatched content is the most common reason for readers to unsubscribe from your newsletter

You should automate your email marketing strategy. Create sales funnels that will lead the customer from subscribing to the newsletter to purchasing. It is good to use the AIDA model: draw the customer’s attention, interest the offer, induce desire and encourage them to take action. If you would like to know more details, read the post on our blog What is the AIDA model and how to use it in marketing?

3. Don’t sell, just build relationships

This point may be controversial for you. We talk about the sales newsletter all the time, and now we say don’t sell. Note that email marketing has undergone a major evolution since its inception. Tactics that worked in the past no longer work. Internet users receive enormous amounts of e-mails in their inboxes and have become resistant to sales offers. Therefore, if your company wants to conduct effective communication via e-mail, you need new strategies.

Help the customer solve his problem

The customer is not buying your product. The customer buys a solution to his problem. He needs your product for this. This completely changes the way we communicate with the client. It’s not about selling anymore. The idea is to help the customer solve their problem with your product.

Suppose your company sells a great stain remover. Is it your client’s dream to have a stain remover? Will the messages “we have the best stain remover on the market” convince him to buy? The customer buys the agent to remove the stain from their favorite blouse or tablecloth. He doesn’t need the best stain remover on the bathroom shelf. A stain is a problem that needs a solution in the form of your product.

The situation is the same when your company sells services. Almost no one learns a language just to know it. People learn a language to pass an exam, get the next level of education, get a new job, go abroad, etc. Focus on the customer. If you change the way you talk about your products, the customer will be more interested in shopping.

Create emotional messages

The client buys emotions that he tries to logically justify. When he buys a product, he thinks about the emotions and well-being that will arise during or after the purchase. This is how emotional marketing works. Thanks to well-made segmentation of the e-mail database, it will be easier for you to determine the needs and desires of individual groups of subscribers. The customer will remember the emotions your brand aroused much easier than the words you used for it.

Show the client the way from the problem they have to the solution offered by your company

It is very important to identify the problem that your client is trying to solve. This is a way to run an effective mailing campaign. Describe the problem and empathize with the client. You present your brand as one that understands him. Storytelling is great for this. Telling a story creates enormous opportunities for your company. You can show both the problem and its solution. Additionally, you will trigger the desired emotions. The client will not have the feeling that the company only wants to sell, but that they really understand their needs. You gain twice. In addition to the purchase that the customer makes, he trusts and loyalty to your brand.

4. Take care of good content of your e-mails

Creating content for an e-mail campaign must be preceded by the steps described above. The collected information is needed to prepare a good advertising campaign. If you use our advice, e-mail marketing in your company will be an effective sales tool.

The content of the e-mails should be based on the AIDA model and lead the client from problem to solution, arousing the planned emotions. You can include everything in one e-mail, but you can also split the information into several messages. It depends on the strategy you choose, the way you sell the product and the style of communication.

Sales newsletter focused on the customer

When sending emails in a mailing campaign, try to think like your customer. Imagine that you are opening a message sent by your company. The first question that appears in the recipient’s mind is: “What will I get out of it?” Read your messages and try to find the answer to this question. Is the answer obvious? If so, great. Such a message increases the effectiveness of your company’s e-mail marketing.

Don’t forget about the appropriate CTA

CTA (Call To Action) is a call to action. On the web, customers need very precise directions on how to get around and what to do. CTA mobilizes the recipient to act and increases the chance that he will actually take it.

How to build a good CTA? The simplest, and at the same time very effective, scheme is a verb that describes the action that the user has to perform and the benefit that will be obtained from it. Examples include phrases:

  • Click on the link and download the discount coupon for your first purchase
  • Book a consultation date and test our solution for free

The new version of e-mail marketing

E-mail marketing has changed over the years and probably in the next few years it will also look different. The techniques discussed here work well for email marketing by global companies. You can successfully use them in your email campaigns. Gain the trust of customers and generate the expected profits for the company. Use the advice you’ve learned and enjoy greater profits for your company.