The latest trends in designing websites / e-commerce platforms

The latest trends in designing websites / e-commerce platforms

In the twenty-first century, businesses are marketing more and more on the Internet. Thanks to this, it is possible to reach a wide audience. Online marketing is used by both small and large enterprises. However, practice shows that it is the latter that can carry out professional activities. A high budget allows them to operate on a large scale.

The basis of internet activity is a well-designed website. The company website is a showcase of the company. If it is well prepared, it greatly helps in building a professional brand. What do you have to keep in mind when designing an enterprise website? Read the text below to find out the answer to that question.

Designing a website – rules may be different for various companies

Later in the text you will find tips on how to design a modern website. Before you know any information on this subject, however, there is an important point to remember. There is no universal way to create a professional company website. The way it works depends on the industry, etc. A website should look different for a large online store, reputable law firm, production company, etc.

Nevertheless, some principles applied by companies in recent years can be indicated:

  • minimalism,
  • mega menu,
  • attractive landing page,
  • responsive website in accordance with the “mobile first” principle,
  • using only original photos,
  • scrolling animations,
  • one style for the entire site,
  • website A / B test.

Minimalism is the basis during preparing a website

One of the most important trends in recent years is minimalism. According to this principle, the accumulation of information and objects (graphics, buttons) on the company’s website should be avoided. The website should contain mainly the most important information, such as: company name, basic data about products and contact with the customer service department.

There are not too many buttons, pictures, advertising content, etc. on a minimalistic website. According to the latest trends, such objects can distract visitors to the website.

Last but not least, using only a few colors is a good idea. Ideally, these colors should not be too bright. Subdued colors such as black, gray, white, blue, etc. are allowed.

Minimalism is especially recommended for such enterprises as, for example:

  • large e-commerce stores that sell smartphones, laptops and other electronic products,
  • enterprises that provide business services. These can be, for example, consulting, accounting or legal services.

minimalistic website is a good solution for companies that provide B2B (Business-to-Business) services. Thanks to this approach, the company can present itself as a professional, modern and exclusive brand.

How to design a website? The mega menu is a staple in the e-commerce industry

What is a mega menu? The answer to this question is very simple: it is a menu that is convenient for users and allows you to reach the selected product category in just a few moments. The mega menu is displayed in the form of a list or a tile. Mega menu is a modern solution that is willingly used, among others by modern enterprises, including entities from the e-commerce industry.

For example, this functionality allows you to quickly find a product in an online store with products for players. Instead of arduous clicking, just expand the mega menu to find, for example, arcade games on PlayStation 5. To achieve the goal, expand the menu and select: Products for players → PlayStation 5 → Games for consoles → Arcade / action games → Arcade games. Very simple, right?

Landing page

The landing page is the first subpage that the user arrives at when visiting the company’s website. This is why the landing page should contain only the most important information about the brand and product. An element that is a must have in every professional website is the so-called Call To Action (CTA). Most often, a CTA is in the form of an eye-catching advertising button/banner. The purpose of the CTA is obvious: to redirect the user to the product page.

Responsive website in accordance with the “mobile first” principle

According to the general definition, “responsiveness” means that the website displays well also on “smaller” devices (tablets, smartphones). According to various statistics, smartphones are currently used by up to 80% of people in developed European countries (including Poland). They are mostly young people, but older generations also surf the web. The current situation means that when preparing a company website, responsiveness should also be taken into account.

Companies from all industries should ensure the responsiveness of the website. Banks, IT companies, e-commerce stores, transport companies – all of them should have responsive websites.

Use of original photos only

Photographs are an important part of corporate websites. Thanks to the photos, it is possible to show what the building and seat of the company look like, how numerous are the company’s staff, etc. Photos are also important in manufacturing companies – it is possible to show how the process of manufacturing products is going.

On the other hand, it is a common mistake for companies to post random (“stock”) photos on their website. These photos can be found in free online galleries. Unfortunately, these photos are often not adapted to the realities of the company. If the user realizes that the photos on the company website are not original – he will probably resign from the offer of a given brand.

Large companies also use free image galleries. Unfortunately, doing so can alienate potential customers. This is why it is better to take your own photos. It is a relatively cheap solution, and at the same time – effective and professional.

Scrolling animations

Smooth animations when scrolling a website are not the most important element when designing a company website, but it is also worth taking care of this element. Smooth animations make the website look modern. It is worth using this solution on subpages that contain information about products / services provided by enterprises.

Scrolling animations are a good solution especially for companies that provide only a few types of services. It can be an interesting alternative to the mega menu.

One style for the entire site

Another important rule is to keep one style for the entire site. It is recommended to use the same: font, colors, text style, etc. on all subpages of the company website. Otherwise, the visitor will find the website in question sloppy and unprofessional.

How to check if a website will be attractive to visitors? The A / B test allows you to find the correct solution

Before launching an official version of a website, entrepreneurs want to make sure that the website is attractive to the customer. The appropriate solution in this case is the A/B test in website designing. The essence of the A/B test is very simple. Two variants of the enterprise website are being prepared. Both versions may differ in terms of structure, content, colors, menu type (e.g. mega menu and traditional menu).

Both versions of the website are presented to a small group of users. Their task is to assess which of the variants is more convenient and attractive from the point of view of the visitor.

The A/B test can also be performed in other ways. Two versions of the site are posted on the web. Then, it is examined what is the conversion rate for each variant, what is the average visit time, etc. Thanks to the research it is possible to prepare a website that will be attractive to users.

A poorly designed website is a serious damage to the company’s image

According to common opinion, a well-prepared company website allows you to build the company’s recognition. Unfortunately, this principle also works the other way around. What does it mean? The answer to this question is very simple: mistakes in website design can seriously harm the company’s image.

Contrary to appearances, the damage will be more serious in the case of large enterprises. Big companies are seen as more professional. As a result, even the smallest error is more noticeable. In practice, there are many examples of such errors. These mistakes are made even by companies providing … marketing services.

In turn, smaller entrepreneurs more often make mistakes when preparing a website, because they do not have adequate financial resources and know-how. On the other hand, no one expects small businesses to take advantage of the most expensive website design services.

Designing a website – trends are not everything. It is also important to use traditional solutions

Knowing the current trends in website design is an important asset. In addition, however, it is also worth using old, proven ideas. Even the best website is not enough if the company does not carry out other online marketing activities. This rule applies especially to large companies, from which the market requires professionalism.

First of all, a modern website should still be optimized in terms of SEO positioning. Regardless of the trends, the goal of online marketing is to get as many visitors as possible. Designing a website should therefore take into account SEO principles, including placement of relevant keywords. Audiences may not see a well-designed website if it is not well positioned according to SEO.

Actions that should be taken at the stage of designing a website include:

  • paid online advertising (e.g. Google Ads and Facebook Ads),
  • social media activity,
  • preparing newsletters,
  • e-mail marketing.

Only a smooth combination of all these activities will help you achieve your sales goals.